The driver’s T.R. Identity number or tax identification number can only be retrieved after 15 days of pass violation (when penalty payment period begins). 

Therefore, only the debts outstanding for more than 15 days and to be paid with late payment penalties can be viewed in queries with citizenship number or tax identification number. A query with license plate number or Violated Pass Notification (VPN) Number must be made so that the debts in the grace period (within 15 days following pass violation) is retrieved.

After debt records are examined and the pass is confirmed, the debt can be viewed through İş Bank, our website and Mobile App with no late payment penalty for 15 days. 

If a query fails to retrieve the debt although you owe a debt, then either the query has not been completed yet according to the date and time of the query or your debt has been collected through your Fast-Pass System (HGS) account, if any. Therefore, it is recommended querying your debt through our website and Mobile App on different dates within 15 days following the pass in the first place.