Dear Customer, 

From now on you can query your (unpaid) violated passes on the Ankara-Niğde Motorway on e-government and you can make your violation payments by clicking the link, which will direct you to the payment page on our website.

You can view your passes and debts with license plate number on the list of vehicles you own currently or query your passes and debts of your previous vehicles with your T.R. Identification Number.  You can access all of this data in “My vehicles” menu.

For SMS delivery, the process of integrating SMS delivery with e-government is still under way and after the completion of the integration, a reminder SMS will be sent on the 5th and 13th days following the date of the pass in order to allow you to pay your violated passes without late payment penalty. Please do not forget to check your e-government incoming mailbox so that the reminder messages to be sent are delivered to you.If you want to receive the reminder SMS via e-mail, assign your e-mail address over e-government.