“For the Attention of Drivers Using the Motorway:

Tag owners who want to pay the toll from the tag account (HGS) will be making violated passes if there is not sufficient balance in the tag account during the pass. If the balance in the tag account is not sufficient to allow the collection of the toll within 15 days following the pass date, the legal penalty amount is added to the toll.

We highly recommend contacting the Institution or the Bank to which your account is affiliated, and linking your HGS tag to with a deposit account with sufficient balance, overdraft account or with a credit card with sufficient limit and granting automatic payment order in order to rid yourself of checking your HGS account balance continuously and avoid problems arising from this.

You can set any amount you desire for payment order in the lower/upper limit range determined according to your vehicle class when filing an application with the relevant Institution or the Bank.

We would like to remind you that automatic payment orders are made free of charge by all relevant institutions or banks without any commission fee

*Although there is no necessity for collection through our company’s tag account, this process is monitored taking the initiative to the satisfaction of motorway users.